FRP Bypass APK 2018 Download [Latest] V1.0 Free for Android!

FRP Bypass APK is a methodology to dodge the security of factory reset protection installed in an Android device. To understand FRP Bypass APK, one needs to be well versed with the concept of FRP.

Factory Reset Protection is a tool to ensure a phone’s security in case of its loss or theft. The person, who possesses the phone other than the owner, has to verify the FRP by entering the same Google credentials as that of the original owner.

However, FRP arises a feeling of grief in the second-hand owners of Android phones or the ones who have forgotten their original Google ID or password. Resultantly, FRP Bypass 2018, comes as a magic wand to relieve such people, by furnishing them with all the possible ways to break into the security of factory reset protection in case of urgency.

FRP Bypass APK

App Name: FRP Bypass APK

Version: V1.0


Supported Version: Android 5.0+

Last Updated: March 03, 2018

The latest version of FRP Bypass APK download is 1.0. Free download and installation are available for all Android devices, supporting a version of 5.0 and above. For an error-free run and installation of the application, an Android user is required to have a free storage space of 46.6 KB in it.

Latest FRP Bypass APK File Information

Application FRP Bypass APK
App Size 46.6 KB
Total Downloads 72,000+
Supported Version Android 5.0+
App Developer
Last Updated March 03, 2018

Features of FRP Bypass APK

  • Bypasses the Google factory reset protection lock without many complexities.
  • FRP Bypass APK works conveniently on an Android smartphone or tablet, to bypass the FRP lock.
  • The file size for the download is very minimal.
  • FRP attribute restricts users from accessing the device until they crack their original Google credentials. FRP Bypass supports by overriding this restriction.
  • The application is free of bugs and errors. Consequently, it doesn’t take much space of RAM resources.
  • FRP Bypass is enabled on all renowned phones of Android, including Google pixel, HTC, Samsung(such as J7 prime, J2 prime, J5 prime, J3 or ZTE) and LG.
  • Download and installation of FRP Bypass are free of charge.

How to Use FRP Bypass?

Though the name sounds complicated, the procedure to use FRP Bypass is quite easy and transparent. Follow the steps as mentioned below to make an effective and efficient use of FRP Bypass, without any hassles.

  • Download and install the FRP Bypass APK, by clicking the download button as mentioned in this article.
  • Transfer the downloaded file to the USB drive.
  • Connect it to your device with the OTG cable.
  • As you switch on your Android device, follow the setup instructions.
  • Connect the opposite side of your OTG cable to your Android device.
  • Access the file explorer to get FRP Bypass application in your phone.
  • Launch the device settings in your phone and enable the option to download files from the unknown sources.
  • Choose the application and put it up for installation.
  • After the completion of the Factory Reset Protection Bypass, tap the tab of ‘Open’.
  • The above step will give them access to your smartphone’s settings.
  • A user is now at the liberty to factory reset his device, so as to completely eradicate the initially synced Google Account.
  • Eventually, a user will be ready to access a new Google account in his phone from the scratch.


In case of an accidental phone lock from the owner’s side, the new update of FRP Bypass APK relieves users from the petrifying effects of factory reset protection. It is not always the scenario of an Android phone being stolen or lost and demanding the factory reset protection to minimize consequences.

Situations also arise when a user forgets his Google ID and password. Consequently, this article enumerates the manner in which FRP Bypass would help users to override the security of FRP.

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